Important Notice to All Property Owners

Important Notice to Town of Hammond Property Owners

The Town Board has decided that the conditions of some of our roads are deteriorating faster than we can afford to fix them.  Next year, tax season of 2018 being collected in 2019, the board is considering a resolution that will allow them to exceed the tax levy for more funds for roads.  They will do this in the September time frame.  After the resolution is approved, the Towns Electors (residents) will have an opportunity to vote on this at a Special Meeting of the Electors.

During the coming year the board will be holding informational meetings for the residents to attend and ask questions about the process, how much money, how much it could increase their taxes, etc.  The first meeting will be the Annual meeting on April 17, 2018. Attending these meetings will be important for everyone as it will impact everyone’s property taxes.

The dates for meetings will be posted on our web site and the local newspapers, as well as the post office and the town hall notice sign. Please watch for these notices.