Feb 10, 2016 Public Test

Public Test
Feb 10, 2016


Notice is hereby given that the Public Test of the tabulating

equipment to be used at the

February 16, 2016 Spring Election

will be conducted at the following locations.

Please note date and time for each location.


             Village of Hammond                                         Town of Hammond

            Sandi Hazer, Clerk                                             Linda Hawkins, Clerk

            455 Davis Street-Upper Level                        1816 County Rd. E

            Hammond, WI  54015                                        Hammond, WI  54015

            Tuesday, February 9, 2016                             Wednesday, February 10, 2016

            9:00 AM                                                               11:00 AM

            Village of Roberts                                           Town of Warren

            Doreen Kruschke, Clerk                                 Deina Shirmer, Clerk

            107 E. Maple Street                                        720 112th Street

            Roberts, WI  54023                                        Roberts, WI  54023

            Tuesday, February 9, 2016                          Tuesday, February 9, 2016

            9:00 AM                                                          9:00 AM

This test is open to the public.